Testimonials – Keynote Presentations for Associations

By living and breathing change management and sharing a gripping story of facing hurdles that seem insurmountable, Warren sets himself apart. He walks the talk, and that is the secret to his natural ability to connect with, and move people on an intellectual and emotional level. Read some of Warren's reviews from past clients.

"Warren delivered and exceeded all my expectations. This man is nothing less than a gift waiting to be bestowed upon your group or organization!"


Bobby Lolley
Executive Director / Home Care Association of Florida

"As administrators and government push the buttons and pull the strings, healthcare workers face the fallout everyday for themselves, their patients (hospital) and their clients (home care). It is easy to start to feel sorry for ourselves. Warren's story represents someone who really could feel sorry for himself but instead has pulled himself up (literally) to excel at living a meaningful and productive life. His story is awe inspiring and reminds healthcare workers that they are in a position to help/hinder others, including, most importantly, themselves. Personally, Warren's story helps me to maintain my belief in the human spirit that exists in each one of us and a hope that if I am faced with what appears to be insurmountable odds, I too can rise."


Joan Park
Board Director and Conference Chair / Ontario Case Management Association

"The Keynote 'The Power of Perception' was exactly that – Powerful. Your presentation was a smash hit with our delegation at the 69th IIMC Annual conference in Hartford, CT."


Ashley DiBlasi
Meeting Planner / IIMC

"We have had over 35 speakers during the last five years and you were only the second speaker to command a standing ovation (and the first who received a standing ovation before the presentation even began). Your outlook on life and positive views on change were truly inspiring, because of your words we will continue to "change the way we see the world. Thank you for taking time to visit Philadelphia. You were such a pleasure to work with, we wish you continued success and hope to see you soon!"


Joleen Jaworski
Business Clubs of America

"Since Warren presented very early during our conference, members of the audience were "jazzed" and even more excited for the rest that was to come. Warren was professional and worked hard to understand and meet our expectations. I would recommend Warren to anyone who is seeking an inspirational message about dealing with change."


Derek Hazeltine
Executive Director / Professional Liability Underwriting Society

"There's no doubt now we made the right choice. Your keynote was the talking point for the remainder of the conference; people were truly inspired. Actually, they weren't just inspired. You helped them reassess the way they see things, and taught them how to look for the opportunities present in uncertain times. Your message really hit home for us and I think is relevant for any group or organization facing uncertainty and change. We loved working with you Warren and would recommend you for any speaking engagement. We would certainly book you again should the opportunity arise."


Jenny Chapman
Sponsorship & Event Manager / Alberta HR Conference

"For those facing the challenge of change, and let’s face it; who isn’t; I can’t recommend Warren Macdonald highly enough. A new perspective, an “expanding of the mind” is what we were looking for, and that’s exactly what Warren delivered. Warren understood us from the outset, capturing the audience’s full attention from the first word to the last. As teachers, we often feel misunderstood, so the effort Warren made to connect with us was not only greatly appreciated but made for an exceptional experience that literally knocked our socks off." 


Mark Ramsankar
Alberta Teachers’ Association

"I have to share with you a great keynote speaker for your next major conference. His name is Warren Macdonald and we had him at our Annual Meeting August 22. He was very inspiring and you could have heard a pin drop in the room, as everyone was thoroughly engaged and hanging on his every word. At a time when home care is facing such dramatic changes in the health care delivery design and reimbursement, people can easily become overwhelmed."


Anita Bradberry
Executive Director / Texas Association for Home Care

"As a meeting planner, I usually stand in the back of the room crossing my fingers and hoping that the presenter delivers the presentation that I am expecting. Warren, I could not wait to sit in the front row and fully absorb your presentation and experience it with our delegates first hand. You truly are the epitome of our conference theme 'Seasons Changes and So Do We.'"


Ashley DiBlasi
Meeting Planner / IIMC