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By living and breathing change management and sharing a gripping story of facing hurdles that seem insurmountable, Warren sets himself apart. He walks the talk, and that is the secret to his natural ability to connect with, and move people on an intellectual and emotional level. Read some of Warren's reviews from past clients.

"I had a number of people mention how phenomenal you were, along with “how did you find him?”. Your messaging was drawn on during our sessions today more than once as well. Clearly your message resonated well!"


Erin Campbell
Senior Consultant/ Deloitte

"I personally, very much appreciated the time you spent to get to know us and the time you spent before and after the presentation with our people and our clients. That time together personalized your experience, and increased the commitment and engagement of your RLG audience."


Brad Farrow
Managing Director / RLG International

"Warren's ability to force us to step back and look at 'how' we view our current challenges was powerful. He has already helped us to start to tackle some of these challenges that we simply complained about prior. We now have a renewed sense of our own ability to view them differently and dismantle them 'one step, one peak, one wave' at a time!"


Keith Strachan
GM Southern Alberta / Wolseley Canada

"Warren was amazing and definitely impactful. His message is so inspirational. I would recommend him."


Joette Decore
Vice President Strategy and Development / Stuart Olson

"Three years later, our leaders still speak about our offsite and how impactful your participation was in seeing the possibility of transformation. We needed to see that if we wanted another outcome, we had to change the way we looked at ourselves and our future and commit to doing something about it."


Jane McVeigh
General Dynamics Canada

"No testimonial I can give will do justice to what you brought to our Annual Franchise Partner Conference this year. I had the highest of expectations after booking you and completing the pre-event call yet you absolutely blew those expectations out of the water. I believe you received the only standing ovation of our three day event because you went out of your way to customize the message not only based on the details I'd given you earlier but also on the information you gleaned from attending several sessions earlier in the day. I have never seen a more captivated and inspired audience or a more dedicated speaker. Thanks Warren for helping to make this our highest rated conference yet!" 

David Christopher
Manager-People Department / 1-800-Got-Junk?

"I hope you realize the impact you had on all of us! We found your talk so incredibly motivating and inspiring... I know it will have a profound impact on many of us for years to come."


Dave Lemmon
Managing Director / Smuckers Foods of Canada

"Warren Macdonald’s participation at our Keller Williams’ 2010 Family Reunion convention in New Orleans was incredibly positive and beneficial for our attendees. As Chairman of the Board, I often conduct interviews with motivational people at our company events. The interview that I held with Warren was one ofthe best. He was both honest and inspiring."


Gary Keller
Owner & Chairman of the Board / Keller Williams Realty

"Warren Macdonald is a must for any organization with Leaders looking for development and obstacles that need to be turned into opportunities. I am a fan."


Joel Chevalier
Director, Employee Experience / Whistler Blackcomb

"I want to thank you again for coming to Omaha and Lozier; I believe your message has had and will have a powerful impact on our people and our company."


Kent Williams
Lozier Inc

"We have had over 35 speakers during the last five years and you were only the second speaker to command a standing ovation (and the first who received a standing ovation before the presentation even began). Your outlook on life and positive views on change were truly inspiring, because of your words we will continue to "change the way we see the world. Thank you for taking time to visit Philadelphia. You were such a pleasure to work with, we wish you continued success and hope to see you soon!"


Joleen Jaworski
Business Clubs of America

"It is difficult to sum up in a few words the positive feedback we received from Warren's presentation and the lasting "can do" impression his story has left with us. Warren spoke to our Leadership group with passion and professionalism. He took the time to learn about our organization and understood our business goals; linking his experiences with the challenges we face in order to show us just what is possible when we face our fears and act with intent. Warren's story, told in a unique, captivating style provided lessons of lasting value that we continue to reflect on long after hearing him speak. Thank you Warren, for leaving us with such an encouraging and positive sense of realization that we can succeed, even when confronted with obstacles that at first appear to be insurmountable."


Marissa Poratto Cleghorn
Manager Business Research / MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates

"It has been several months now since you spoke to our sales team in Seattle and I wanted to let you know that your compelling presentation has had both a meaningful and lasting impact on our group. Our team has set a huge goal; some would say insurmountable. After hearing you speak the goal seemed highly attainable by all. Many said, If he can accomplish what he has, I'll never complain again we can do this! By speaking directly to us, by drawing parallels linking your challenges to ours, you have fostered a belief in self within our team that has strengthened our resolve to turn our goals into reality."


Cathy Crump
Regional VP Sales, Western Region / Dex

"There's no doubt now we made the right choice. Your keynote was the talking point for the remainder of the conference; people were truly inspired. Actually, they weren't just inspired. You helped them reassess the way they see things, and taught them how to look for the opportunities present in uncertain times. Your message really hit home for us and I think is relevant for any group or organization facing uncertainty and change. We loved working with you Warren and would recommend you for any speaking engagement. We would certainly book you again should the opportunity arise."


Jenny Chapman
Sponsorship & Event Manager / Alberta HR Conference

"All of our expectations were exceeded. Warren captivated the audience from start to finish and was able to connect on a deeply personal level. He also made a point of sticking around to meet with attendees afterwards, which was very much appreciated. We received nothing but positive feedback all around on his keynote."


Byron Bergen
Director / Business Development Private Company Services at PwC

"We recommend Warren to anyone who needs inspiration and encouragement during challenging times, both personally and professionally. He was easy to work with, relatable, and very honest, open and real about his own personal struggles."


Jackie Panera
Internal Communications Manager Shell Canada

"The entire event was a huge success and you were a very big part of it! Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring out team. Our associates here will be talking about you and their learnings from your presentation for years to come. "


Charolette Obringer
Zone Vice President / LensCrafters

“Warren Macdonald’s presentation was definitely a highlight of our 2018 Conference & Trade Show. His presentation on Banking Resilience taught audience members that we all can learn to develop a resilient mindset and attitude to help us recover more quickly from setbacks or difficult changes. Warren’s talk was powerful and had audience members lining up for a “personally signed” book following the session. Comments on “A Test Of Will” speak of a book which is so engrossing, you won’t be able to put it down!”

Denise Harris
Education Manager / Fraser Valley Real Estate Board

“You contributed enormously to our event and to the final showdown. Truly appreciate all the effort you put into it.”


Sharon Looney
Chief Human Resources Officer / Core HR