Testimonials – Keynote Presentations for Healthcare

By living and breathing change management and sharing a gripping story of facing hurdles that seem insurmountable, Warren sets himself apart. He walks the talk, and that is the secret to his natural ability to connect with, and move people on an intellectual and emotional level. Read some of Warren's reviews from past clients.

"Warren delivered and exceeded all my expectations. This man is nothing less than a gift waiting to be bestowed upon your group or organization!"


Bobby Lolley
Executive Director / Home Care Association of Florida

"You were able to effectively demonstrate to the audience that difficulties faced become achievable challenges if you have the desire and strength of will. Your presentation was informing, heartfelt and humorous. You easy-going style made the audience instantly warm to you and feel connected to your experience."


Louise McLaren
Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals

"Thank you very much for a great day today. Fantastic connection to our business and Our people. We used the input, comments and discussions in a very positive way in the workshops and linked your messages with our priorities and our personal needs. Thanks again and look forward to talking to you in the future. Our Focus and Priority setting day was very different and very successful."


Jim Gazilas
Sr. Director of Operations / Merck Manufacturing Australia at Merck Sharp & Dohme

"As administrators and government push the buttons and pull the strings, healthcare workers face the fallout everyday for themselves, their patients (hospital) and their clients (home care). It is easy to start to feel sorry for ourselves. Warren's story represents someone who really could feel sorry for himself but instead has pulled himself up (literally) to excel at living a meaningful and productive life. His story is awe inspiring and reminds healthcare workers that they are in a position to help/hinder others, including, most importantly, themselves. Personally, Warren's story helps me to maintain my belief in the human spirit that exists in each one of us and a hope that if I am faced with what appears to be insurmountable odds, I too can rise."


Joan Park
Board Director and Conference Chair / Ontario Case Management Association

"The relevance, clarity and poignancy of your presentation and subsequent conversations with our people has helped us refocus on the tasks we have to complete and bought the team closer together. We cannot recommend highly enough to any other organization the benefits of engaging you to speak with them."


Steven Peacock
General Manager, Manufacturer & Dealer Relations / Motability Finance Limited

"I want to let you know that you did an outstanding job at our 5th Annual Health Care Provider Conference. The audience was engaged and you had them glued to every word. You drew people in and held their attention with your heartrending story. There were tears- people were emotionally touched. They were also inspired. You provided the spark needed for them to move into the remaining sessions with energy and focus. Many of our attendees expressed that your presentation was the highlight of the conference. Comments included appreciation for your authenticity and genuine passion for helping others maintain perspective. Two messages really stuck out for us. “You create your own reality" and "When you change the way you see the world you change the world." These two messages reinforced for attendees that people are responsible for their own situation and that it is up to us individually to decide how we are going react. With this message fresh in their minds I have no doubt it will impact their practice and influence how they interact with their clients."


Geoff Dalmer
Health Care Services Program Manager / Worksafe BC

"Warren offered a perspective that people needed to hear. Change isn't the end of the world; it's really how you perceive change and what you decide to do about it. This was an important message, expertly delivered by a phenomenal speaker - inspiring for those who had already accepted the changes and were leading the way; reassuring for others who still felt uncomfortable with what was happening and needed help accepting the next stage. I know his words resonated both on a professional and at a personal level. People felt re-energized."


Laura Accettola
Amgen Canada Inc.

"Your presentation and the message you provided are still a hot topic of discussion amongst our leaders now that we are back in our regular work environments. Many of our staff has expressed to me how touched they were by your story and your outlook on life. Your words continue to inspire our leaders to lead with courage and perseverance through a time of considerable adversity in the healthcare sector. Thank you for helping us to focus on both the summit and the steps as we embrace the change around us and for reminding us that perception is key to success in all aspects of our lives."


Patrick Dumelie
President & CEO / Covenant Health

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for helping to make our event a huge success. You understood from our pre-event conversation exactly what it was we needed to convey and delivered that message in an engaging and thought provoking way. By skillfully blending your story with challenges currently facing our industry, (obviously, you'd done your homework) you managed to convey to us not so much what we wanted to hear, but what we needed to hear." 


Steven Smith
Director of Marketing / Shoppers Home Health Care

"You could hear a pin drop for the entire length of your one hour presentation. Your ability to connect with an audience and hold their attention is something that I have never experienced with a Guest speaker before. The Key message our people needed to hear, and you delivered, was that change is inevitable; we can't change that. What we can change is our response to that change, and I want to thank you once again for reinforcing that message for us that it is up to all of us, individually, to see change as an opportunity rather than something to be feared."


Andy Kahrmann
Business Unit Manager, PIE and AVS / London Drugs

"I have to share with you a great keynote speaker for your next major conference. His name is Warren Macdonald and we had him at our Annual Meeting August 22. He was very inspiring and you could have heard a pin drop in the room, as everyone was thoroughly engaged and hanging on his every word. At a time when home care is facing such dramatic changes in the health care delivery design and reimbursement, people can easily become overwhelmed."


Anita Bradberry
Executive Director / Texas Association for Home Care

"It has been more than a year since Warren shared his amazing story of perseverance with us at MEDSEEK Client Congress in Austin, TX. There isn't a week that goes by that doesn't present me with some sort of "situation" that causes me to recall his powerful words. Learning that I have the power to shape my own perception in any given situation, and therefore shape my reality, has been so empowering! One choice, one overcome obstacle at a time, I am learning that I alone shape my destiny."


Kyra Hagan
SVP, Product Management & Marketing / MEDSEEK

"The entire event was a huge success and you were a very big part of it! Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring out team. Our associates here will be talking about you and their learnings from your presentation for years to come."


Charolette Obringer
Zone Vice President / LensCrafters

"Your speech was absolutely amazing and just a phenomenal kick-off to the concert! The amount of wonderful comments received was quite overwhelming! Thank you a million times over for making our 2016 Conference one of the best yet!!! Again – thank you – thank you – thank you!"


Mindy Herrmann
Director of Sales Operations, Independent Pharmacy Cooperative

“As a transformational healthcare company, we are always looking to inspire our employees to look at problems differently. Warren’s message was a perfect fit for our inaugural all employee meeting. Attendees loved his keynote and left feeling inspired and impassioned to make a change. He was the only speaker at the event to receive a 100% approval rating on the post-event survey!"


Lisa Becklund
Manager, Landmark Fellows and Culture / Landmark Health