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Warren Macdonald's Challenge of Change – Speaker Preview Video

Warren Macdonald is on a mission to help you change the way you see the world, and your place in it. Warren is not your typical motivational speaker. His conversational style is very much appreciated by those looking for a more authentic inspirational keynote speaker.

Warren Macdonald – Sales or Kickoff Meeting Keynote Speaker

Raise the bar for your next sales or kick-off meeting with keynote speaker Warren Macdonald.

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

Warren Macdonald speaking on the Power of Perception when it comes to change at the 2010 Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Conference, Montreal.

Warren Macdonald on The Hour

Warren Macdonald, amputee climber, inspirational keynote speaker and expert on perception on The Hour with George Stroumboulopolous

Obstacles vs Opportunity

Inspirational Speaker Warren Macdonald on dealing with the obstacles that pop up in your life, and how to turn those obstacles in opportunities.

Return to Hinchinbrook Island

In April 2017 Warren Macdonald returned to Hinchinbrook Island for the first time since the accident. With him, Geert van Keulen (far right), who raced against time to alert rescuers to what had happened. and Chip Jaffurs, emergency medicine specialist from the rescue team.

For more inspirational videos please visit Warren's YouTube page.