Associations Keynote Speaker


One of the great challenges faced by most organizations today is change – not the evolutionary kind, but constant and dramatic change! Change that frequently demands personal shifts in perspective, approach, and even core values.

Warren Macdonald can help with that shift. As the keynote speaker for your event, Warren will help “redefine what is important”. He will help your members shift from being overwhelmed by a world full of obstacles, to seeing clearly a world full of opportunity.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of Warren’s clients have had to say about what Warren taught them about the management of change, and the profound life-changing outcomes they experienced:

Warren’s message is also a natural fit for conference themes or messages that involve overcoming adversity or achieving peak performance. With humour, warmth and energy, Warren delivers a story that attendees will never forget, and a message that will last a lifetime. Organizations in industries facing huge challenges can use his ideas as a catalyst for true growth and forward momentum.

  • Warren provides fresh insight and ideas on how to thrive, not just survive, in a constantly changing environment.
  • Warren’s positive and uplifting message inspires and invigorates companies, giving them a renewed sense of purpose and enabling true competitive growth and advantage.
  • Warren can customize keynote presentations to fit in line with corporate goals and strategic objectives, particularly those that involve overcoming adversity or achieving peak performance.

"There's no doubt now we made the right choice. Your keynote was the talking point for the remainder of the conference; people were truly inspired. Actually, they weren't just inspired. You helped them reassess the way they see things, and taught them how to look for the opportunities present in uncertain times. Your message really hit home for us and I think is relevant for any group or organization facing uncertainty and change. We loved working with you Warren and would recommend you for any speaking engagement. We would certainly book you again should the opportunity arise."


Jenny Chapman
Sponsorship & Event Manager / Alberta HR Conference

"Since Warren presented very early during our conference, members of the audience were "jazzed" and even more excited for the rest that was to come. Warren was professional and worked hard to understand and meet our expectations. I would recommend Warren to anyone who is seeking an inspirational message about dealing with change."


Derek Hazeltine
Executive Director / Professional Liability Underwriting Society

"Warren had the room at a standstill! He was able to relate his own personal challenges with the everyday challenges of our reclamation industry. He is a ‘MUST SEE’ if you want a presenter to speak to challenges and change."


Andrea Granger
President / Canadian Land Reclamation Association

"The Keynote 'The Power of Perception' was exactly that – Powerful. Your presentation was a smash hit with our delegation at the 69th IIMC Annual conference in Hartford, CT."


Ashley DiBlasi
Meeting Planner / IIMC