Disconnected - Take Two


Interesting to see the debate continue around global warming. Is it real? Is it fake? Is the threat of global warming being pumped up to move us closer to a global carbon tax?

I suspect the latter; whilst also being a firm believer in the former.

It makes total sense the earth is warming, but global warming in itself is not the real issue.

The real issue is sustainability; our ability to live in harmony with each other on this planet without destroying it.
Warming is not the issue. If we figure out how to keep the planet call whilst we go about poisoning all of our rivers and paving all of our forests; that’s not a win.

When we realise it’s not about the economy, stupid; and that getting the “old economy” back may not be in our best interests; then we’re starting to get somewhere.

What are your thoughts on global warming?
Would you act differently if it was proved true or false one way or the other?