How you see is what you get…


I think we’re finally starting to get it. God, I hope so. If we don’t start waking up now with all that’s going on we’re really in trouble. We’ve put all our trust in our governments. We’ve put all of us trust in the banks. You could say we’ve been kind of let down; led astray even.


The kicker is, we let it happen. I’d go as far as to say we wanted it to happen. I didn’t hear any complaints while the going was good, but it was obvious to me that while we won, someone else must have been losing, but I digress…

Some solutions for moving forward. Educate yourself. Fast. I mean really fast, drop everything that’s not absolutely necessary, and educate yourself about whats really happening here.

A couple of places to start, with two books that I’m finding incredibly useful:

Your Money or your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

Tribes by Seth Godin

Forget Survivor, forget Friends; it’s that kind of brain dead garbage that distracted us enough to bring us to where we’re at right now.

Educate yourself. Fast…