Close Encounters of the Extraordinary Kind


I almost got to meet an amazing individual at a potluck a couple of nights back. I say almost, because I missed meeting Thomas Kamiya by 12 hours, as he had packed up his tools that morning and was headed on his merry way to the next stop on his “Organic Mechanic tour" (my phrase, not his, though I’m sure he’d like it).

Thomas, a retired diesel mechanic, is almost at the end of a 50 farm organic farm tour in which he visits and does maintenance on the farms machinery (tractors etc), for free… That’s right. Nil. Nada.

Why? Because he believes in balance. Having spent much of his life servicing forestry and logging equipment; machinery primarily involved in destruction (yeah, I’m a tree hugger), he decided it was time to give back.

You can read more about Thomas’s tour here.

In the meantime; it’s a great question to ask ourselves:

What can I do to contribute; to make the world a better place?
What can I do to create balance; for all of us?