In a world filled with uncertainty, Joe Glickman’s newly released book Fearless could be the most important book you read in 2013.

Here’s why:


Uncertainly is not going away in 2013.
The economy; the fiscal cliff; housing; jobs…
Need I go on?
Any certainty in any of those?


With uncertainty comes fear, and if there’s one thing that can stop us dead in our tracks it’s fear. But what if we could override it? What if we could acknowledge it, react accordingly, and then move on; not letting it paralyze us as it often does; or worse still; react to the fear rather than the situation?

What would that look like?
What would life look like?

Enter the subject of Joe’s book; Freya Hoffmeister.

“Fearless” recounts Freya’s kayak trip around Australia.
Her “solo” kayak trip…
Her mostly unsupported kayak trip…
“Around” as in, all the way around; 8565 miles (13,790km’s).

The trip details are staggering themselves, but that’s not why you should read this book. You need to read this book to get a sense of what it looks like to live without fear.

Think about that for a moment…

Think about all the “motivational” quotes you’ve heard; you know, the ones like “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail”, or “your deepest fear is that you’re powerful”, etc, etc…

All great quotes, but what does life look like without fear?

It means you waste zero energy worrying about things that haven’t yet happened. You prepare for them, yes. Worry, no.

It means you waste zero energy on things you can’t control; instead focusing on what you can control, and freeing that energy up for the job at hand.

Let me say straight up, this isn’t an easy book to read.
Actually, that’s not true; I devoured it in one sitting. It’s incredibly easy to read.

It’s Freya who isn’t easy to be with; to be around; even in reading about her in a book. The first half is filled with people who can’t stand this confident Amazonian, German woman. Who can’t stand the way she simply states what it is she shall do, and declares anyone who’s failed in the past as simply “not up to the task”, or “weak”….

She’s a piece of work; that’s for sure, and although she is an extreme example of what it takes to be fearless, here’s what’s true:

Going with the flow will take you where the flow is going. That might not be where you want/ need to go.
Not giving into fear and making courageous decisions will no doubt upset some people. That’s not your problem; it’s theirs.

So, what does this all mean for you?

You may be tempted to stay on safe ground in 2013. That’s great, but be ready to move. If you’re not ready, you won’t be in position to take advantage of opportunities that come your way, and there will be opportunities.

My commitment to myself in 2013 is to do everything in my power to not get left behind. To be vigilant; to be aware. To be prepared, and to be ready.

And to not get bogged down in fear.

What’s your commitment to yourself?
What’s your plan for 2013 to make sure you don’t get left behind?
Will you let fear become your modus operandi to the point where it paralyzes you to the point of inaction?
I hope not.

The year to be fearless.

Read it.
You won’t be sorry.

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