Glass Half Full


Margo and I are on our way to Australia right now (writing this from Auckland airport) and experiencing lots on hands on examples of perspective.

We booked our flights using air miles, and as a result accepted a milk run to get down here. No big deal, we hadn’t given it much thought until every airline employee that pulled up our itinerary gave us the “Oh, I’m really sorry…” treatment.
We figured; hey; at least we’ll get to see more of New Zealand having to take one more internal flight than we really wanted; so again, not a big deal.

At our stopover in Rorotunga (Cook Islands); our plane got delayed by 30 minutes. Bummer, but again; no biggie.
After takeoff, our super friendly attendant comes over and says “I have some good news for you Mr Macdonald. Because of the delay, you’re going to miss your connection to Auckland, so we’re putting you on a direct flight now straight to Melbourne”.
Perfect; we’ve had enough of this flying caper anyway.
Except of course, now we don’t get to fly over the southern alps…

There’s good and bad in everything; depending on what it is you want to see…