Keep Going.


Yesterday, while cycling up my favourite section of my favourite ride, it finally dawned on me why I enjoyed this section of the ride so much. I loved this part because I had cracked the code; but up until yesterday I couldn’t have put it in those words for you.


Up until then, I simply loved it because of the angle and length of the climb, and how it forced me to dig deep; deeper than the rest of the ride. I won’t deny that I also got satisfaction out of watching others get off of their bikes and walk this section; something perhaps only other hand-cyclists can appreciate. We don’t have the option to get off the bike to walk a hill; our only option is to keep going…

Nearing the top of the hill yesterday though; it hit me.
Those cyclists who dismount and walk, even the ones who are so obviously having a hard time; they’re struggling because they don’t know what I know: That this hill in particular becomes way easier if you attack it; if you simply keep going.

By staying in a higher gear, but pedalling harder, a momentum builds up and I for one was shocked the first time I realized how far I could climb before having to gear down.

Your momentum keeps you moving, and the moment you back off; you lose it. Along with your forward progress.

Now, It feels really hard to maintain that forward momentum, and I’ll admit it’s daunting looking up at the hill ahead, except that, before you know it; you’re at the top and the climb is behind you.

The secret is, it’s actually not as hard as you expect it will be…

Now, you already know this.
This is about more than just riding up a hill on a bicycle; or a hand-cycle.

How often do we turn life into a struggle by giving into it because we expect it to be hard? How many times have you given up, and then realized afterwards you were almost there?

Sometimes, we just have to keep going; maybe step it up a notch and push a little harder.

That slight increase in effort (or great increase over a shot period) might just be enough to get you over the hump…

When we get into the habit of approaching life this way, what we’re doing is building resilience; something you can’t have too much of…

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  1. Tony Loffredo says:

    October 4, 2014 at 8:45 am

    Hello Warren,

    Love your articles… keep`em coming my friend… made my day…


  2. Sreekanta Banerjee says:

    October 4, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Great Article!
    Really enjoy your writings.
    Keep up the good job Warren.
    The world turns due to angels like you.