Simplicity is the New Black


Everywhere I’ve turned over the past few weeks I run into an article, book or blog about Simplicity. Is it just me, or has that been your experience also?

It’s like we’re finally waking up to the reality that we’ve overcomplicated life. That we’ve been looking for answers in all the wrong places…

I created my Solution Revolution project to try and answer a question I’ve been asking for years:

“Why do some people make it and others get stuck?”

I had my own theory, but I needed outside perspective. I started interviewing people for The Solution Revolution; some who, like me had overcome physical adversity; others who’d simple become wildly successful.
I started to recognise a pattern. A Simple pattern…
It’s that pattern, that process that I want to introduce you to in the form of:

The Solution Revolution Boot Camp.

I’ve spent, let’s just say, quite a long time putting together this online program that I believe has the power to help you change the way you think.
It’s designed to help you “blow through” the creative blocks that have kept you stuck. Kept you paralyzed.

To celebrate the launch, because we like to reward folks who take action, you’ll have a 72 hour window to join the program for half price.

On September 18 (Tuesday), if you are the Solution Revolution email list [JOIN BELOW] you’ll receive an email from me with a link to a page that will be live for just 72 hours. On that page you’ll be able to register for the four week Boot Camp for $97. At midnight on September 20, the price goes up to the regular price of $199.

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