So you want to be a professional speaker?


I’ve been speaking for over a decade now. Longer actually when you consider that words first started coming out of my mouth in 1966, but I mean speaking professionally.
Yes, being paid to talk; could it get any better than that?
Hold your horses there cowboy; not so fast.
The speaking industry is one of the most bizzare, amazing, frustrating, exhausting, expensive but rewarding (if you can crack the code) businesses you can get into; but it ain’t easy.
Whenever I’m asked for advice on how to start out, how to get more bookings; “how to” anything really, I fire back my standard 2 word answer:
Jane Atkinson
“You need to talk to Jane Atkinson, or at least read her book The Wealthy Speaker.
Now you know…
I’ll see you on the podium.